Halls Black Cherry Sugar Free   (Box of 20 Packs) Buy It  at www.UsaCandyWholesale.Com

Halls Sugar Free Black Cherry Flavor (Box of 20 Packs)

Halls Throat Drops Defense Strawberry Flavor (Box of 20 Packs)

* Halls Defense Throat Drops Strawberry Flavor * The Bring 20 Packs * Each Pack Bring 9 Drops * Totals Drops Box Bring 180 Drops
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Halls Defense Strawberry Flavor 100% Daily Value Vitamin C In each Drop Delicious Daily Defense The Box Bring 20 Packs each Pack 9 Drops\ Product Color Green \ Product UPC 3 12546050914\ Box Cost Price $14.99\ Each Unit Price $0.75\ Suggested Selling Price $1.49\ Buy It at www.UsaCandyWholesale.Com\
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