Halls Menthol  (Box of 20 Packs) Buy It at www.UsaCandyWholesale.Com

Halls Throat Drops Menthol Lyptus Flavor (Box of 20 Packs)

Halls Extra Strong Menthol (Box of 20 Packs)

* Halls Intense Extra Strong Menthol Flavor * The Bring 20 Packs * Each Pack Bring 9 Drops * Totals Drops Box Bring 180 Drops
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Halls Intense Extra Strong Menthol Flavor Cool Soothes Sore Throats Cools Nasal Passages The Box Bring 20 Packs each Pack 9 Drops\ Product Color Black\ Product UPC 3 12546 00091 9\ Box Cost Price $14.99\ Each Unit Price $0.75\ Suggested Selling Price $1.49\ Buy It at www.UsaCandyWholesale.Com\
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